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Domestic polyester industry faces "frost" situation
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Domestic polyester industry faces "frost" situation

09:54 on November 3, 2015 China plastics machinery network popularity: 421

The China plastic machinery network Domestic news 】 it is understood that the PTA industry chain downstream production and operation situation is not optimistic, polyester industry loss serious, recently is given priority to with low mileage sales strategy, polyester factory take the initiative to cut polyester products prices.In 10 months, polyester industry into the off-season, demand will face a "frost" cold circumstance.From the relevant statistics, China's textile and apparel exports has 10 consecutive months of year-on-year decline, the enterprise order contract, generally pessimistic about the future demand.

Domestic polyester industry faces "frost" situation

In the first three quarters of this year, the domestic polyester 8% year-on-year growth in production, while only 5% demand growth.Starts from the point of utilization, current polyester enterprises 76%, weaving enterprise operating at 73%, as the industry demand is weak and the industry heavy losses, polyester industry operating rate will gradually decline.So for raw materials PTA polyester consumption is difficult to form a strong support.

The current situation is not optimistic, the PTA industry chain supply will increase, and the PTA downstream demand will further weakening, oversupply situation will enlarge the PTA industry, the overall trend will present oscillation pattern of weak.

Recently, the PTA spot prices strong, but the situation is still not optimistic, the industry chain as the PX and PTA production maintenance device, supply exceeds demand in the industry of situation will be magnified.Spot strong situation cannot in the medium to longer term, the main tone of the PTA market will still be weak oscillation.

In late October, large domestic manufacturers from big companies such as shutdown overhaul, and in the market buying up spot, tightening supply end, PTA spot price increases obviously, and drive the futures contract rose in recent months.At the same time, the PTA inventory is low, the current PTA plant PTA and polyester factory inventory all around 3-5 days, the warehouse receipt only 37000 tons.In addition, the recent market rumors sinopec take tenglong aromatic hydrocarbons project is conducive to the spot market hype.

Overall, PTA market is still oversupply, spot market tight supply situation is a short-term phenomenon.Began October 25, maintenance and repair of escape grand 3.75 million tons of peripheral devices announced over the weekend after car in advance, and the annual overhaul work extended to January 2016, project about 15 days.PTA industry as a whole load of November are expected to increase significantly, more than 70%.As PTA supply recovery, stocks will also be in the process of accumulation.

From the point of integration of PX production device, the PX - naphtha price hovering between $320 - $340 / ton, so the route of naphtha PX plant 20 - $40 per ton of processing profits, integration of PX unit production enthusiasm is still there.From monomer PX production device, the PX and MX spreads around $100 / ton, PX MX line production is in negative profit, so the monomer PX unit production enthusiasm is not strong.

From the PX device maintenance, in late September to October Asia PX device for maintenance are: Indian city OMPL92 JX ten thousand tons/year PX device, Japan, South Korea, such as.In the domestic market the PX device for maintenance are: urumqi petrochemical 1.065 million tons/year PX unit, tianjin petrochemical 400000 tons of PX unit, luoyang petrochemical, etc.Although the Asian markets during the PX device maintenance is more, but these devices will have to restart in November, PX supply will gradually increase, the PX market is relatively bad.

In addition, from the point of monthly imports domestic PX, PX monthly imports in 1 million tons level since this year, while exports less absolute value, therefore, as a whole, domestic supply of PX is loose.
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