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Rigid plastic is to replace metal into market new pet
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Rigid plastic is to replace metal into market new pet
09:17 nov 02, 2015 China plastics machinery network popularity: 11393

As a new generation of China plastic machinery network industry dynamic 】 【 pets, polymer rigid packaging, accounting for one third of the world's hard plastic packaging consumption is replace polyethylene as the main material.In recent years, the high demand of rigid plastic packaging, the public environmental consciousness is more and more strong.To this, many manufacturers and retailers is going to effectiveness and environmental protection of rigid plastic packaging for the target market.

Rigid plastic packaging shatter-proof, the weight is lighter, so they are increasingly replacing the traditional rigid plastic packaging, such as glass, metal and cardboard carton, etc.Packaging industry suppliers are through innovative integration of lightweight, renewable and biodegradable plastic products, so as to enhance the value of the product.At the same time, the traditional fiber packing material (cellophane and translucent paper) is gradually being phased out.Is most likely to completely take the place of cellophane polypropylene film, and translucent paper (and grease proof paper) will be replaced by the high density and low density of metal foil, especially double metal extrusion and with resin, added functionality can be doubled.

Rigid plastic tube
At present, the global rigid plastic production continues to grow, the researchers said: "in 2010-2010, the European food and beverage packaging production is expected to reach more than the average number of growth. Average annual compound growth rate of 3.7%, is expected to plastic bottles, tray the growth rate is about 3.8%, this is the European food and beverage packaging overall growth rate of 2 times."

For plastic manufacturers, however, comply with the trend of market development, a key part of the challenge is how to rigid plastic packaging industry development and the traditional plastic packaging industry as well.In the development of rigid plastic packaging, each big manufacturer in order to maintain sales, improve sales profits, manufacturers also shows more flexibility, providing different shape of packing, and meet the needs of different customers.For example: dow launched specifically for complex multi-layer, this food packaging new polymers, polymer products - AMPLIFYTMTY function this product contains a variety of interlayer bonding layer products with different functions.

According to the investigation, at present more and more willing to use plastic cans and plastic bottles, it also signifies that they will replace the glass, in some cases, can replace the metal products, so as to reduce the packaging cost in order to get more profit.(source: China plastic machinery network)
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