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The global economic slowdown olefins and polyolefin in short supply
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The global economic slowdown olefins and polyolefin in short supply

11:51 nov 02, 2015 China plastics machinery network popularity: 881

Although China plastic machinery network industry dynamic 】 【 2015 years ago, three quarters of China's economic growth slowed, only achieve 6.9% growth, but because China is a leading global manufacturer of consumer goods, its growing domestic consumption market, China's demand for chemicals is still healthy growth, such as olefins and polyolefin, has been in short supply.

The global economic slowdown olefins and polyolefin in short supply

"The Chinese market demand for chemicals is an opportunity for growth will continue for the global Chemical industry", IHS Chemical vice President of greater China, Paul Pang said, "to benefit from the explosive growth of its consumer products manufacturing, China has become the world's largest consumer chemicals. At present, the country's consumption based Chemical products, more than a third of the world consumption is far more than Europe or North America."

Paul Pang, points out that chemicals to meet the increasing demand, investment not only traditional Chinese petrochemical products, investment also non-traditional chemicals."By 2020, China will be close to 40% of the olefins from non-traditional raw materials, such as methanol to olefins (MTO), coal to olefin (CTO) and propane dehydrogenation (PDH)", Paul Pang said."In 2015, has more than 20% of olefins from non-traditional raw material, and five years ago, from non-traditional materials olefin is almost zero. IHS chemical predicts that this year China unconventional olefins production investment to peak at more than $20 billion."

Pang will be in November 5, 2015-6, the third chemical Asia conference held in Singapore on the in-depth analysis of the Chinese market opportunity and new growth point.He will discuss China's gross domestic product growth effect on the energy and chemical products, as well as the main trend in the chemical industry in the country.

"The world economy," the chief economist at IHS Nariman Behravesh said, "since 2011, from 2.5% to 2.8% of the global economic growth has been interval, far lower than in the past 20 years the average growth rate", Behravesh said, adding that "the world economy was dragged down by the supply-side and demand-side constraints."

Behravesh also points out that low oil prices also make plastic industries, pull the plastic market demand in Asia, especially China and India and other countries."Lower oil prices are pulled many low-cost consumer goods, electronic products, processed food and soft drink consumption in Asia, and all these products are plastic wrapping."

Elsewhere in Asia, however, is likely to feel pain because of China's economic growth is slowing."Most of the rest of Asia Chemical manufacturers are really feel fear," IHS Chemical, vice President of Asia Pacific region, Tony Potter said, "in spite of this, it is still of olefins and polyolefins producer good years, because of the tight market stimulates the pyrolysis product profit (cracker margins), product price decline is far more than the potential oil and gas prices."

Given the demand for China's economy as well as the new supply concerns, IHS average profit in 2016 is expected to decline."Manufacturers worry that China's economic development is not so strong as predicted," Potter said, "this could weaken demand. In addition, they know that in 2017 there will be a lot of new material from China coal base factory into the global market, new ethane cracking device is to be launched in the United States."

Potter also reminds at the same time, not all of the olefins value are equal.Investment in coal and ethyl olefin caused carbon 4 (C4s) and aromatic hydrocarbons supply gap.In addition, the elastomer and the supply and demand for natural rubber and cotton fiber large inventory becomes more complicated.
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